Overview of FEA Step by Step with Algor«


FEA Step by Step with AlgorÔ is the state of the art, comprehensive guide to the process of conducting Finite Element analyses using the Algor FEA-based engineering and analysis software on the PC and workstation. The author, a practicing engineer, leads the reader keystroke by keystroke through the creation, analysis and evaluation of FE models involving Linear Stress, Buckling, Dynamics and Heat Transfer.

The book provides a detailed explanation of both how and why various options should be selected using the Algor software. Examples using all of the basic element types (including Composite, Gap and Orthotropic Elements) are included. Several chapters detail the process used to combine the various element types in a single model.

This book is designed for the practicing engineer who needs to know how to use the Algor software quickly and, most importantly, accurately. Hundreds of engineers around the world have learned the Algor system using the first edition of this highly regarded text.

The second edition has been updated for all of the new Win95 and WinNT applications along with added material on Beam elements, Composite elements and the Automeshing programs.


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