Finite Element Analysis


Finite Element (FE) Analysis is a mathematical modeling technique used to determine the response of real structures to external (and sometimes internal) loads. Although FE techniques may be used to model many different phonenona, at Dynamic Analysis we sepecialize in modeling the response of systems to stress, vibration and thermal loads.

We employ several different commercial FE codes, using the most efficient codes as required for a given project. We take pride in our ability to develop models that are only as complex as necessary to resove the given problem in a timely manner. In one 14 day period (17-31 December!), we developed a series of 3-dimensional FE models required to determine the temperature and stress patterns in a large bolted flange connection. This study was conducted to aid in the correction of a problem in an existing piece of equipemnt. The FE solution and the measured field results were in complete agreement within the accuracy of the field measurement proceedures.