FEA Step by Step with Algor

Figure 9-3 Composite Element Notation

Composite Element Coordinate System

Table 9-1 identifies the notation for the four coordinate systems that are used in the definition of composite elements.

Table 9-1

Composite Element Coordinate Systems

Notation Description
X, Y, Z Global Axes (The axes you used for drawing)
a, b, c Local element axes
x, y, z Laminate axes
1, 2, 3 Lamina axes

Of the above descriptions, the Global Axes should be straightforward. These are X, Y and Z axes that we used when drawing the model. The local element axes (a, b, c) are defined by the following:

  1. The local a axis points in the node i to node j direction.
  2. The local c axis is perpendicular to the plane of the element using the right hand rule with respect to the node numbering.
  3. The local b axis is perpendicular to the a and c axes using the right hand rule.